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Missing You

Hello all,


We’ve been missing you lots. Have loved being able to see some of you on the school facebook page but unfortunately I’m unable to respond (I’m not ‘on’ facebook)! Below is my e-mail if you would like to get in touch, I’d love to hear from you. smiley


Parents/Guardians; I hope you’re able to access some of the links and resources previously listed. Just remember learning in Nursery is all about providing experiences, talking and listening, playing together and having fun! Spending time doing things together with your pre-school child will naturally result in a wealth of learning. Please don’t put pressure on yourself or your little one to do everything that is on offer remember it’s often quality rather than quantity that is important. Just choose some of the activities that are most suitable for your home situation and your child/children’s interests and enjoy!


e.g.        grab an old paintbrush or two and use water to ‘paint’ outside on a sunny day. You could paint the wall/a fence/ a paved area (with water) and have fun!


lie down on the ground and get someone to draw your outline with chalk, then fill in the details – eyes, mouth, nose, hair, shoes, clothes etc then swop places and you draw around someone!


have an adult hide some ‘treasure’ in the garden or living room and draw a very simple map

 ‘x’ marks the spot – can you ‘read’ the map and find the treasure


Have fun and keep well


Mrs Abbott



Hello boys and girls


Just a little message to say hello. I hope you are all well and didn’t eat too many Easter eggs!


I’ve been missing you lots but keeping busy with home school for my big boy and girl. In my spare time I’ve been doing some gardening, painting my summer seat, building puzzles and walking the dog!


I’ve also been looking up lots of ideas to keep you busy. Here are some of my favourites:

Web sites: (links are below)  

Getting Ready to Learn –       

this webpage has lots of further links – have a look at ‘20 activities for 20 days’ and ‘let’s play with bubbles’

Tiny Happy People -              

click on ‘3-4 years’ and/or ‘4-5 years’ and/or ‘nursery rhymes and songs’


Stranmillis University - ideas for active minds                                         

‘house of fun’I love the ‘shape hunt’

‘foodie heaven’check out the ‘rainbow rice’ and ‘pasta bling'

‘figure it out’lots of lovely maths activities especially ‘park it'

‘let their creativity flow’great art and craft activities to try

RISE NI -                            

super advice and ideas - go to page 4 and look for
‘Practical Ideas to Promote Social and Emotional Development’great ideas for relaxing and keeping calm, turn taking and participating (you may need to substitute your classmates with someone/everyone in your household and even include a teddy or two if helpful!)

‘Practical Ideas to Promote Speech and Language Development at home’ – great activity ideas to promote and extend language and vocabulary as well as attention and listening skills.

‘Practical Ideas to Promote OT Skills at Home’ – great range of ideas and advice for developing both gross and fine motor skills.

Learning Through Landscapes- (my favourite) yes

super ideas for exploring, investigating and learning outdoors in whatever space you have or when you go for a walk. Click on ‘resources’ then ‘outdoor lesson ideas’ here are some of my favourites:
‘Cloud gazing’ relaxing – use of language and imagination
‘EYFS outdoor area ideas/Tipi for Teddy’

‘Nest Building’

‘Ready Teddy Go'

‘Toy Car Race Track’

‘Story Stick’ (the journey stick)
‘Things with String’
‘Springtime Saunter’
‘Puddle Potential’
create your own puddle if there’s no rain and remember to wear your boots!
‘Slip and Slide’ at your own risk! and if you’re feeling very adventurous and don’t mind getting very messy!

‘Teddy Assault Course’


Hope some of these ideas are of use and you enjoy having a go at some of them at home. Don’t forget to include a story or two every day and remember an app cannot replace a lap (a story shared with mum/dad is the best kind!)


All the Nursery staff miss you and can’t wait to see you again soon! J


Mrs Abbott


Thank you specsavers for our new hi-vis