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Fairy tale castles 

We used chalks to create a castle outline then sponge painted the walls.  To finish, we cut out 2D shapes and stuck them down as windows, doors and towers. 

Invisible Sounds

Learning to read and write our spellings this week using chalks, water and brushes. It’s great fun watching the sounds disappear!

WAU - The Three Little Pigs Experiment 

Today we worked in teams to build houses made from straw, sticks and bricks.  We made predictions and then tested the strength of each material using a hairdryer as The Big Bad Wolf. It was interesting (and exciting) to see which material could stay standing!

Hairy Letters

Today we worked on our letter formations and sound recognition using the iPads. 

Fairy Tales 

Our new World Around Us topic is Fairy Tales.  We love incorporating it into our Play!