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A lovely visit from Danske bank teaching us how to save our money πŸ’·


Today we finished our bird topic by observing birds and sketching them using charcoal.  We had to use our fingers to smudge and blend.  

Today the police visited our school

Bird Watch πŸͺΆ



Our instructions topic has well and truly kicked off in Literacy.  So far we have been listening to and following verbal instructions as well as reading written instructions.  To develop these skills, we have used lots of activities such as making paper snowflakes, playing board games and working on how we give instructions to others.  We know we should speak clearly and slowly, as well as listen carefully. Next week our topic will continue when we begin sequencing and writing instructions.  


To finish our Cold Lands topic, we wanted to see how animals like walruses and seals stay warm when swimming in such cold conditions.  We discovered that these animals have a layer of fat called ‘blubber’ under their skin which helps them to stay warm.  We made our own blubber using shortening and discovered that our hands stayed nice and warm when in the icey water. ❄️πŸ₯Ά

Turning our classroom door into a book cover πŸ“šπŸŠ

Investigating ice πŸ§Šβ„οΈ

Practical maths - weight βš–οΈ


After learning about the Emperor Penguin in WAU, we sketched a landscape of the Antarctic then coloured it in with pastels. This involved rubbing and blending the colours together. We also discovered that blues, greys and purples suited the cold environment of the Antarctic best. This was a very messy activity but lots of fun! 

Numeracy & ICT 

P2/3 worked together to gather information on our favourite dinosaurs.  P3 recorded the information on a table, then in pairs we entered the information into the computer and made a block graph. We then discussed which dinosaur is the most and least popular.  

Making a Non-Fiction Book

P2/3 worked together in groups to plan and write a fact file on 1 dinosaur each.  We used iPads and non-fiction books to gather information.  After, we put all the information together and created our own dinosaur book.  

P2 - sorting 2d shapes on Venn diagrams

Clay dinosaurs - part 2

Choosing appropriate colours to paint our clay dinosaurs.  These have turned out amazing! 

Sticker Awards 🌟

Stickers gained this week for full attendance at school. ☺️

Dinosaur Dig! 6/12/21
Yesterday we learnt all about the role of a palaeontologist and how they dig for dinosaur fossils.  The children then became palaeontologists.  They had to dig for bones and observe them closely - always handling them with care!  They had to measure the bones and try work out which skeleton belongs to each dinosaur. 

Sticker Awards 🌟

Congratulations to our 3 winners this week!  They won stickers for brilliant spelling, working cooperatively in a group and for creating a fabulous e-book. 

Clay dinosaurs - part 1

Today for Art we began making dinosaur models using clay.  We really enjoyed moulding, squeezing and rolling the clay to make our favourite dinosaur.  We can’t wait to start painting them when they dry! 

Enjoying our dinosaur topic through play πŸ¦–πŸ¦•

Sticker Awards 🌟

Check out the 4 winners in P2/3 this week.  Stickers were given for never giving up, using kind words, working hard in numeracy and excellent listening. Well done! 

Time β°πŸ•°

Money πŸ–
Today we began our money topic and as some revision we looked closely at different coins (up to 20p for P2 & 50p for P3) and used the appropriate language to describe and talk about them.  We then worked with a partner to sort the coins into the correct piggy bank. 

Sorting household objects into Now and Then

Using google maps to explore Bessbrook

Discovery walk around Bessbrook