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Relax Kids

We are very lucky to have Relax Kids come into our class to promote positive mental health. This week we found our calm button and we gave each other a birthday cake massage. This was great fun as you can see from the photos. 😁


National Poetry Day was on Thursday. To celebrate we did poetry every day. We looked at different poems, wrote simile poems, wrote acrostic poems and read our poems proudly to the class.

A day in the life of Grace Darling and her family. 
Today in class we were thinking of the different activities Grace and her family had to do. We realised that the boys had different jobs to the girls. We had to listen to a story and act it out. When freeze frame was called everyone had to stand really still. It was great fun!

Place value maths games!

Fun with literacy!
Today our literacy was using connectives. Connectives join two short sentences to make one long sentence. 

Rescue at Sea!

This month our topic is Rescue at Sea. To help us with our learning we had a member of the R.N.L.I. in our classroom. We learnt about dangers on the beach, what the beach flags mean and how to contact the coast guard if we are in trouble.