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🐞We made Ladybird Shelters!🐞
Today we had to find and collect sticks about as thick as your finger. We tied the sticks together in bundles and placed them in areas that we think the ladybirds will go. We are going to monitor our ladybird shelters over the next few days to see if we have any guests! 🐞

Minibeast Hunt!

This week we started our new topic - Minibeasts!🐞🐜🪰🪳🦟🦗 Today we were hunting for minibeasts. We were trying to work out where the habitats of the minibeasts were. We took the minibeasts into the classroom and observed them closely using magnifying glasses. We were looking at their colour, their shape, number of legs and body parts. We had great fun. 😃

Financial Literacy

Today we had Danske Bank in school to tell us how to look after our money and how to budget.The boys and girls had to think about what they needed and what they wanted!

Litter picking in Derrymore Woods

Today we all went to the local woods to litter pick. We made a positive impact to our environment! Well done P4!

Litter Picking

Our new class topic is ‘What a Waste’. Today we went to the pond field, our school playground and the park to carry out litter picking. We collected 10 bags of rubbish! We are going to sort our rubbish and think about, Why is there so much rubbish? Is there a problem? The children had great fun and made our surrounding area look much better. Well done boys and girls. 👏😀🌟

World Book Day

Today we had great fun participating in World Book Day. We started off the celebrations with a whole school costume parade followed by hot seating some of the characters in our class. After break we had a ‘Where is Wally?’ hunt and some creative writing about our aliens we created yesterday. We also enjoyed a story, The Cat in the Hat. 🎩 A busy, busy day. 😀🌟

Pancake Day

Today we celebrated pancake day and made very tasty pancakes! We had to weigh out the ingredients, cook the pancakes, flip the pancakes and eventually decorate and eat the pancakes. 

Our Puddle Experiment

Today we made our own puddles. We went out later in the day to see if they had changed. We found they had got smaller. We realised the sun and the wind had caused it. Mrs Laverty told us a big fancy word called evaporation. This is one of the stages of the water cycle. 

Children’s Mental Health Week

This week we have been trying to improve our children’s mental health. We have been enjoying the fresh air and having yoga! 

Weather Instruments

This week we were learning how meteorologists get information about the weather. This week we made weather vanes to find out the direction of the wind and rain gauges to measure rainfall. Next week we will be weather watchers all week. ☀️☁️🌤🌦🌩☔️

Learning in the Great Outdoors!
Today we had to gather information for a car company about the most popular car colour. Loaded with our clipboards and data collection sheets we braved the snow to gather our data. The most popular colour of car in Bessbrook is … silver. 😁

Making our Castles!

Future Designers

Today we had to design our own castles in groups. We had to think about the materials we would need to make our castle. We had to listen to each other and at times compromise which is a very grown up thing to do! We are very excited about making our castles next week. 😀

Santa Daily Mile ðŸŽ…🏻🏃🏼‍♂️🏃‍♀️

Fun with maths!
This week we have been learning about 3D shapes and their properties. Today we had so much fun sorting 3D shapes, making 3D shapes and playing ICT games to identify 3D shapes and their properties. We have all the creations displayed in school. 😀

Relax Kids

We are very lucky to have Relax Kids come into our class to promote positive mental health. This week we found our calm button and we gave each other a birthday cake massage. This was great fun as you can see from the photos. 😁


National Poetry Day was on Thursday. To celebrate we did poetry every day. We looked at different poems, wrote simile poems, wrote acrostic poems and read our poems proudly to the class.

A day in the life of Grace Darling and her family. 
Today in class we were thinking of the different activities Grace and her family had to do. We realised that the boys had different jobs to the girls. We had to listen to a story and act it out. When freeze frame was called everyone had to stand really still. It was great fun!

Place value maths games!

Fun with literacy!
Today our literacy was using connectives. Connectives join two short sentences to make one long sentence. 

Rescue at Sea!

This month our topic is Rescue at Sea. To help us with our learning we had a member of the R.N.L.I. in our classroom. We learnt about dangers on the beach, what the beach flags mean and how to contact the coast guard if we are in trouble.