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Ditch the Dark

Today (24th January) in school we had an assembly and a workshop with Dave from Sustrans. We celebrated 'Ditch the Dark' day by wearing bright clothes to school. After assembly, Dave worked with P5-7 and we completed some experiments to see which type of clothing is more visible in different situations. We learned about artificial and natural light. It was interesting and fun!

Hopeful Minds

Today (23rd January) P6/7 had their first 'Hopeful Minds' session. The 'Hopeful Minds' school programme aims to equip students with the tools they need to define, learn and grow hope. The focus is on prevention of anxiety and depression, through teaching life skills for creating, maintaining and sustaining hope with practical tools and exercises.


In our first session we learned some stretches to help us to be calm; we identified how we are all connected to one another, to the world and people around us and we learned about the four types of hope. We also took our symbol of hope, a sunflower seed, and planted it.


Over the course of the six week programme the children will continue to learn how to create and nurture hope.


What an empowering and informative afternoon!

Hopeful Minds - Session 1


Today in school we had an assembly and a workshop with a representative from the NSPCC. We learned about their mascot, Buddy, who tells us to "Speak out. Stay Safe." We learned that if we are worried, sad or hurt we can speak to a trusted adult in school, at home or to Childline.


In Numeracy, P6/7 learned about probability. We learned how to calculate the probability of an event occurring and how to write it as a fraction. In groups, we worked together to calculate the probability of choosing a coloured sweet from a group! It was fun and delicious! :)

Christmas Elfies!

In class P6/7 decorated some Christmas baubles which we used to create a Christmas frame! Come and see our Christmas Elfies! :)

Newry High Taster Day

On Wednesday, 13th November, P6&7 children visited Newry High School. We spent the day taking part in a number of lessons and workshops. We participated in PE, Geography, Science and Technology. We played some interesting games in PE and learned about Kenya in Geography. In Science we completed some litmus tests to determine if different liquids were acidic or alkaline and in Technology we made a keyring!

It was great fun! :)

Walk in the Woods

On October 23rd, P6/7 went for a walk in Derrymore Woods. We were looking out for  different types of flowering and non-flowering plants! We then sketched and labelled the plants! We found so many different plants....what a fun morning! :)

Hillwalking in Cloughmore

On Thursday, 26th September, P6/7 went to Cloughmore. We had a wonderful day hillwalking and learning about the red squirrels that live in the forest. We climbed all the way to the top and tried our hardest to move the large stone there. Unfortunately it didn't budge! :)

We had a great day in the forest!

In WAU we are learning about 'The Life and Survival of Plants'. We have been learning how to classify plants according to different criteria. It was great fun!

WAU: Classifying plants

Welcome back to school!

We're looking forward to a wonderful year together!