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This week we have been busy celebrating the Jubilee! We have created lots of fantastic arts and crafts, participated in a ‘Gallery Walk’, baked some deserts for our Street Party, played old games, planted flowers, researched important world events which have occurred in the last 70 years and written about them! It’s been a busy and fun filled week!

Titanic Inquiry

Today, April 7th, we held a Titanic inquiry in our class. We worked in groups to research and prepare a defence for a crew member thought to have some responsibility for the sinking. We prepared three arguments why we felt our ‘client’ was not guilty. Then we presented out arguments in the inquiry! It was great fun, especially when we tried to blame another crew member! πŸ˜€

in the end, the judge explained who he thought was most to blame!

Visit from the Police

Today, Friday 8th April, members from the local police came to visit. They talked to us about being safe online and showed us some videos about this. Afterwards we asked the police officers lots of questions and then had the opportunity to sit in some police vehicles! It was so exciting!

Maths Centres

Today (15th February) in class we worked in groups to complete a range of maths games. Our games were:


1. Converting units of measure

2. Solving algebra equations

3. Find fractions and percentages of money

4. Working with fractions, decimals and percentages


It was great fun! 

Come and see our wonderful displays

We have been very busy in P6/7! We have created some wonderful art work and written some fantastic summaries of our class novel! Well done P6/7 πŸ˜€πŸ₯‡

Stem Afternoon

Today, 14th December, P6/7 participated in a STEM workshop all about water. Throughout the workshop the children completed a range of experiments as they learned about density, buoyancy, floating and sinking.

It was very exciting and fun! πŸ˜€


We are having so much fun in Shannaghmore! πŸ˜€

We have been canoeing, we’ve gone on a night walk on the beach, an adventure walk in Tollymore woods where we wore wet suits and crawled through mud and we’ve been scrambling on Pigeon Rock Mountain! 
We’re looking forward to tomorrow when we’ll do a high ropes course!
What a great time! πŸ˜€

Heart Rate Experiments

In WAU we are learning about different body systems. Today (Monday 11th October) we calculated our resting heart rate and made predictions about how our heart rate would be affected by different exercise.

We completed a mild physical activity (walking) and then a more strenuous physical activity (running). After each activity we calculated our heart rate. 

We discovered that after exercise our heart rate, and breathing, increases. We are now creating a graph of our results!

International Literacy Study

On Thursday 7th October, P7 children participated in the PILS. Here they are with their certificates!

International Literacy Study

Orienteering Trip to Gosford

The children had a wonderful time on their orienteering trip to Gosford park (September 24th)! They learned how to read a map, use a compass and to find their way. We also spent time in the playground! What a fabulous day! :) 

Trip to Derrymore Woods Playground

P6/7 went on our first trip to Derrymore Woods today (16th September). We walked to the woods and spent some time playing in the playground. The children were wonderfully behaved and thoroughly enjoyed the trip! We’re looking forward to going again! πŸ˜€

Class Photo

Back to School

The children have all returned to school and are settling in well! We’ve been busy recently and have had lots of fun!

Fun Day

To celebrate the children's hard work this year, today we had a special 'Fun Day'! We had a Pirate Bouncy Castle, an Obstacle Bouncy Castle, a Football Kick, Face Painting and games! The children had a wonderful day and thoroughly enjoyed their special day as well as the special treat...a visit from the ice-cream van! 

Derrymore Woods

As a reward for all our hard work this year, the children visited Derrymore Woods this afternoon! We walked through the woods and spent the afternoon in the playground! It was a fantastic treat!

AR Prizes

After participating in Accelerated Reader all year, today the P6/7 children were able to 'spend' their points on some prizes! The children receive points for each book they read and successfully quiz on. Depending on the challenge of the book the children can earn from 0.5 points to 18 (or even more!) points per book!

It was exciting spending our points! :)

H2O Heroes

We participated in a science workshop all about water! We learned about the different insects that live in clean and polluted water. Then we used some science equipment to search for the insects. We created a tally of the insects we found and discovered that the water samples we had came from a clean river! It was great fun! :)

P7 Fun Day

To celebrate our P7s we had a special Fun Day! We had a McDonalds for lunch...and a surprise McFlurry! Afterwards we watched a film together! It was great fun! :)

Assembly for Miss Gamble

To say goodbye to Miss Gamble we had an outside assembly! P6/7 and P4/5 worked together to prepare a secret song for Miss Gamble, which we then preformed as a special surprise! She loved it!

Goodbye Miss Gamble, we'll miss you!

Childhood Day

To celebrate Childhood Day, we made some board games! The children worked with their friends to create their own board game. It was lots of fun creating the games and then playing them together!

Sports Day

We were so excited to be able to have a Sports Day this year! We each received a medal, certificate and photograph! It was a wonderful day!

Well done to everyone for participating and giving your best! :)

Sports Day

Numeracy: 3D Nets

In Numeracy we have been learning about 3D shapes and their nets. We used the 'clixie' shapes to create nets for some 3D shapes. It was great fun!

Fair Trade - World Around Us

In WAU this week, we learned where chocolate comes from! We learned about the producers and all the steps cocoa has to go through to become a delicious bar of chocolate on the supermarket shelf.

We were shocked to learn it takes five years for a cocoa pod to grow to maturity!

We learned that Fairtrade companies get a Fairtrade premium which means that they get extra money to help develop their company or their community. One way communities benefit from this is through the production of fresh water taps. It was very interesting

Golden Time

Recently we spent our Golden Time playing outside! It was great fun!


P7 Class Photo

Please see the information sent home with your child about ordering a copy of the P7 class photo.


World Around Us

In school we have been learning about where our food comes from. We went through shopping bags filled with lots of products. We worked together to read the product information to find out where they come from. We then located the countries in the atlas. We discovered that a lot of our food comes from far away. It was very interesting!

Back to School

We are so happy to be back at school! It’s been wonderful catching up with our friends and playing together! 


In numeracy we have been learning about ml, l and cl. We learned how to convert between the different units of measurement, how to write the capacity as a decimal, a fraction and as l and ml. We also used the capacity equipment to measure and estimate in real life. It was a little messy, but lots of fun!

World Around Us

We are learning about Fair Trade in WAU. We learned about the supply chain, supply, demand and how how products are priced. In class we created some envelopes, we decorated them and then set a price. Later we tried to sell them! Some of the children received the asking price, while other had to drop the price! It was interesting to learn about the challenges people can face if they don’t make enough money to survive.

A Christmas Surprise from P6/7

Dear Parents,


P6/7 have prepared some Christmas videos for you! Please check Seesaw!
We hope you enjoy our ‘Christmas Messages’ and our song ‘Counting Down to Christmas’! 

Happy Christmas from P6/7!



Online Safety

P6/7 have recently participated in our whole school Digital Literacy week. As part of this, the children participated in two online zoom Internet Safety workshops. The children learned how to use the internet safely and how to social network safely also. It was very interesting and the children learned how to be safe on and off line.

Miss Smyth

December 2020

Internet Safety

Christmas DinnerπŸŽ„

Today in school we had our Christmas dinner! The children thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food, the Christmas crackers and Christmas music...what a wonderful day!
Thank you to all the staff for serving the dinner, setting out the crackers and decorations, making the food and tidying up afterwards! 

Class Photo

We finally managed to take a class photo! πŸ˜€ Here we all are, looking beautiful!

Miss Evangelene 

As you know Miss Evangelene left our school after the Halloween break as she was offered a position in a new school. We wish her the best of luck in her new job and will miss her terribly.


She popped in to see us recently and gave each of the children a gift! We gave Miss Evangelene some beautifully drawn cards and some gifts also...she was delighted with the thoughtful cards and messages and very touched.


Congratulations on your new job, Evangelene!


Goodbye Evangelene!

Anti-Bullying Week

To celebrate anti-bullying week we created some art work that shows how unique we all are. In PDMU we learned about valuing our differences and some children created posters to highlight the importance of not being a bully. We also participated in Odd Sock Day, celebrating our individuality and what makes us unique!

25th November 

Odd Sock Day

Ditch the Dark

Recently we took part in a Ditch the Dark initiative to learn how to be safe in the dark mornings and evenings. We wore bright clothes to school and every child was given a high-vis vest and a flashing light for their school bag. 
In our class we had an assembly and learned about the clothes which are the most visible at different times of the day.

It was very interesting!

Ditch the Dark

Orienteering trip to Gosford 

Today, 9th October, P6/7 went to Gosford Park to learn how to use a compass, read a map and navigate between points on the orienteering map. It was a great day! The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we luckily managed to avoid the rain showers!
Miss Evangelene and I were so proud of how the children listened, participated as a team and demonstrated wonderful behaviour. Well done Primary 6 and 7!


The Orange Group have been learning about decimal numbers and sequences. We created a human number line, worked together to identify the missing numbers in a sequence and found decimal numbers before and after a given number. It was good fun!
30th September

Decimal Numbers

A busy day

Today in school we received an email from P3 and Mrs Laverty.  As part of their World Around Us topic they have been creating links in the community and have been learning how to write letters. Together we read the email and wrote a reply!
Also, today the whole primary school went outside to watch a Spit Fire aeroplane fly over Bessbrook on its way to was very exciting!

18th September 

A Busy Day

Lots of fun in P6/7

We’ve been having lots of fun in P6/7! Today we used some of the Literacy and Numeracy extension activities after completing our learning tasks in class! 
It was great fun!
17th September 

Fun in P6/7

AR- Accelerated Reading

Dear Parents,


Your child has taken home their first AR book! Accelerated Reading is a programme designed to promote comprehension and inference skills as well as developing fluency and a love of reading.

Each child has been given a ‘Book Level’ which matches their reading ability; supporting and challenging children appropriately. Children choose a book from the AR library in school, they are given time in class every day to read their AR book and should also read it at home too. When they have finished reading their book, the children take a quiz online in school and receive points for demonstrating good understanding/giving accurate responses (points are based on the level of the book, the text challenge etc. The points for each book are printed on the book cover). Later in the year, children will be able to ‘spend’ their AR points on prizes in school!


Depending on the children’s level, we expect that they will complete 1-2 (or possibly more!) quizzes weekly. For those children who are reading at quite a high level, and as such are reading long novels, we understand that they will not be quizzing as frequently. πŸ˜€


Children will receive feedback in school about their progress and how to improve. 

Please support your child’s participation in AR by asking them about it this weekend and perhaps reading their chosen book with them! 

The race is on in school to see who will become the first person to achieve MILLIONAIRE status by reading ONE MILLION words! Our P7s have a slight advantage as they have been using AR throughout primary 6, however the P6’s will give them a run for their money, I’m sure!


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend- enjoy reading with your child!

Kind regards,


Miss Smyth

11th September 

Daily Mile

Today we took a break in the afternoon to get some exercise! I’m not sure we did a full mile πŸ˜€ but we all certainly enjoyed running/walking around and getting some fresh air! 

10th September 

Daily Mile

Seesaw homework

Dear Parents and Children,


Tomorrow (Friday) you will have your first Seesaw homework. This week’s homework is designed to help familiarise yourself with the app. We will look at the task in school, so hopefully all the children will understand what they are being asked to do.


Miss Smyth 

10th September 

Spelling, Mental MAth and PE

Dear Parents,


Today your child has taken home their phonics and mental math books. Please note, to avoid bringing resources to and from school your child now has a phonics and mental math book for school and one which stays at home. Your child's phonics homework has also been sent home. Please note, this should only be returned to school on Friday.


PE for P6/7 is on Wednesday. On this day, your child should wear their PE uniform to school. PE uniform is black/navy tracksuit bottoms with a white school t-shirt and school jumper.


Kind regards,


Miss Smyth

1st Sept

First week over

Dear Parents,


I just wanted to thank you all for your support this week. The Primary 7’s first full week has gone wonderfully. The children were happy, confident and delighted to back with their friends. There have been some changes in school, but the children weren’t phased at all! 

It was great to have the Primary 6’s in yesterday and today...our class is finally complete!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend and see you on Tuesday!

Miss Smyth 

28th August

Art inspiration!

We learned about the Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama and her work using dots, complimentary and contrasting colour. We were inspired to recreate some of her work using our own first day images! 

28th August

Art work in progress

P6 First Day

Welcome back to school P6!!! :) It was wonderful to have all the children back in school today...and what a busy day we had! :)


We're looking forward to a wonderful year with all the boys and girls! :)


Miss Smyth

27th August

P7 First Day

Welcome back to school!! :) How wonderful it has been today to have our children in school! Seeing their smiling faces and hearing their laughter has been a tonic for all the staff.


Some feedback from the children about their first day back has been...






We're delighted to have our P7s in school and we can't wait to see P6 on Thursday!


Looking forward to seeing you all soon!


Miss Smyth

24th August

Return to school

Dear Parents,


As we prepare for our return to school, you might find the information below useful. Looking forward to seeing you and your children soon! 

Miss Smyth

18th August

Parent Line NI


Farewell to P7!

Hi P7 Girls and Boys!


We are so sorry that we couldn't mark the end of primary school properly for you, but we just wanted to let you know how proud of you we are and how much we are going to miss you.


We are looking forward to inviting you back to school next year to have a proper celebration! Until then, we wish you all the very best as you take this next step. We will miss you so very much.


Hope you have a wonderful summer!


See you soon,


Love, Miss Smyth and all the teachers and staff at Bessbrook Primary School

29th June

Farewell P7

Still image for this video

See you in September P6/7!

Hi Girls and Boys!


Hope you all have a wonderful summer! Miss Christine and I will miss you so much! We can't wait to see you all again in September!


Stay safe and see you very soon,


Love, Miss Smyth and Miss Christine

29th June

Have A Fantastic Summer P6/7

IXL Congratulations!πŸ₯‡

Hi girls and boys,


Congratulations to all the children who have been working on their numeracy skills on IXL! Look at the certificate we earned today!!!! Well done to you all! πŸ˜€πŸ’ͺπŸ₯‡


Miss Smyth

23rd June

IXL Certificate


Hi P6/7,


Oh my goodness, my gracious, my me!!! I can't believe it's Friday already! 😊

I just wanted to say hi and hope you are all well. I was in school today and kept my eyes peeled as I drove through the village in case any of you were outside playing, but unfortunately it was quite wet, so there weren't many people around at all! 


Miss Christine and I miss you lots and can't believe it's been so long since we've seen you. I will ask Mrs Hunter to send your parents the details of our next zoom next week. If there is a day/time that suits you, please let me know! I would love to see as many of you as possible!


Hope you are keeping well, 

Miss you, 

Miss Smyth 

19th June

Zoom Chat

It was lovely to see the girls and boys this morning in our Zoom chat! It’s great to hear how you are doing and to catch up! 
The end of the school year is nearly here and we are hoping to have one more Zoom next week. If you haven’t joined us yet, you are still very welcome! πŸ˜€

Once I’ve set up the meeting, I’ll forward the details to Mrs Hunter who will then forward them to your parents. Remember, your mum/dad have my email address so if you have any questions about secondary school, your school work or if you just want to say hi...please drop me a line!

Hope you are all well,

Miss you,

Miss Smyth

15th June

Countdown Challenge Solutions

Countdown Challenge 

Hey girls and boys,


Can you solve today’s Countdown Challenge? I’ll post some solutions later this evening! Hope you are all well.


Miss Smyth

11th June

Countdown Challenge

STEM Challenges

Hi girls and boys,


Check out the STEM challenges below! The first one explains how you can create your own puzzle 🧩. The second challenge is asking you to build a bridge and see how much weight it can hold πŸŒ‰.



Miss Smyth

11th June

Create Your Own Puzzle - Can you unscramble your picture?!

Build a Sturdy Bridge - Problem Solving and STEM

World Book Day πŸ“š

Hi boys and girls,


I’ve found some more photos of our World Book Day celebration! Have a look below! It seems like a very long time ago, doesn’t it?!

Hope you’re well,

Miss Smyth 

8th June

Football Skills with Miss Heather


Hi girls and boys,


I’ve also found some photos of one of our sessions with Miss Heather! Have a look!

Miss Smyth

8th June

Football Skills in P.E. with Miss Heather ⚽️

Number Challenge Solution

Number Challenge πŸ”’

Hi girls and boys,


Are you looking for a challenge? Give this addition and subtraction problem a go! It’s quite I have included a clue below the picture in case you need it. I will post the answer this evening.


Miss Smyth 

5th June

Number Challenge

Number challenge Hint...🀫

Today’s number challenge is quite tricky, so to help you along here’s a clue...

The answers are not whole numbers...think fractions!

Good luck 🀞

Miss Smyth

5th June

An exciting day for P7🏫

To all the P7s,

I’m sure you’re all excited to find out which secondary school you’ll be going to! πŸ˜€ I can’t wait to hear your news! 😎


Miss Smyth

4th June

STEM Challenge πŸ§ͺ

Hi girls and boys,


This week Sentinus are inviting you to be structural engineers! πŸ‘·‍β™€οΈπŸ‘·

Try the challenge today and see if you can keep your train on the tracks! πŸš‚

Remember to ask your mum or dad to send photos of your activity to Mrs Hunter, who will post them on the school’s Facebook page!

Hope you’re all well,

Miss you,


Miss Smyth

2nd June

STEM Challenge

P7 Transition to Secondary 🏫

Dear parents/guardians, girls and boys,


As the end of the school year approaches, I’m conscious of the fact that our P7s may have some questions/concerns about moving on to secondary school. I’m sure the resources I added previously will answer some of your children’s questions, but if not I’m more than happy to try to answer any questions or assuage any worries, as best I can. 

If your child would like to email me their questions, that’s no problem at all! Alternatively, if P7 children would like to have a zoom chat together to talk about secondary school, then I am happy to set that up. Please let me know by email, if you would like me to do this.


I’m sure that many of the P7 children are very excited to move on to secondary school and have no worries or questions at all...this is great! They are very welcome to send me an email or to join a zoom chat regardless!


Hope you are all well,

Miss Smyth 

1st June

Countdown Challenge 

Hey girls and boys,


Can you solve the Countdown Challenge below?! I’ll post some possible solutions tomorrow evening! 

Miss Smyth 

1st June

Countdown Challenge

Countdown Challenge Solutions

Art challenge 🎨

Hi girls and boys,


I have a little art challenge for you! I’d like you to draw, paint, sketch your favourite cartoon character or animal and then take a picture of it (and you!) and email it to me! I’ll gather together the pictures and post them on our class page next week! I can’t wait to see what you come up with! πŸ˜€


Have fun!

Miss you,

Miss Smyth 

29th May

Sentinus Challenge✏️

Hi girls and boys,


How are you? Hope you are enjoying the lovely, sunny weather...remember to put on your sun cream! 🌞
In case you’re looking for a challenge today, check out the Sentinus challenge below - Sentinus are the group who came in to do the STEM activities with us last year.

Remember to ask for permission to use the internet.


Miss you,


Miss Smyth

29th May

Sentinus Challenge

Spell your name workout

Hi boys and girls,


Why not try out the activity below?! I hope you don’t have a very long name! πŸ˜‚


Miss you,


Miss Smyth

28th May

Spell Your Name Workout


Hi boys and girls,


It was so lovely to see you all this morning on Zoom! Glad you’re all keeping well...looking forward to seeing you again next week! πŸ˜€


Miss Smyth

28th May


Hi boys and girls,


Can you solve the Countdown number problem below?! There are a couple of different solutions....I’ll post some later this evening! Enjoy! πŸ˜€


Miss Smyth

26th May


Countdown Challenge

Countdown Solutions...did you find a different way?

⚽️ “Hello” from Miss Heather πŸ₯‡ & Footie Fun Day!

Hi boys and girls,


Miss Heather is missing you, so she’s sent a video to say ‘Hi’!


She has also sent a link to the IFA’s Footie Fun Day. There are 8 events for you to try at home and some videos at the link below to explain the event further. If you have permission, check out the link below!

Miss you,

Miss Smyth

26th May

Hello from Miss Heather

Still image for this video

P7 Transition to secondary school πŸ§‘‍πŸŽ“

Dear Parents/P7 Pupils,


Normally at this time of year our thoughts are turning towards finishing primary school and moving on to secondary. Last year I held a ‘Transition Club’ to help prepare the children for their exciting move, unfortunately we aren’t in school to facilitate that this year. As such we thought you might like to check out the resources below. 

In my experience the key areas of concern the children have brought up in previous years have been:

- Reading and understanding a timetable

- Finding your way around

- Making friends

- Managing homework for different teachers

- Different subjects

- ‘Fitting in’


You might like to talk to your child about how they are feeling about secondary school and the ‘Moving On, Moving Up’ resources below may be useful. 

Of course, the children are often very excited about their move! We often find that our P7 children are ready to move on to greater heights and challenges. 

I hope you find the resources useful.


Miss Smyth

22 May

Nature scavenger hunt πŸžπŸπŸ€

Hey boys and girls,


When you are out playing or going for a walk, why don’t you see if you can find some of the items in the Nature Scavenger Hunt?! This is part of the Northern Ireland Forest School Association. Enjoy!

Miss Smyth 

22nd May

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Brain TeasersπŸ’ͺ

Hi p6/7,


If you like brain teasers then check out the website below! They have some interesting brain teasers for you to try. When I was working out the solutions I found it useful to draw out the brain teaser on a sheet of’s like problem solving: “Act it out” or “Draw a picture”! πŸ˜€


Remember to ask for permission before you use the internet!


Have fun,

Miss Smyth

21st May

Animated bookπŸ¦”πŸ’

Hi boys and girls,


If you have permission to use the internet, check out this short book called “While we Can’t Hug” on YouTube. It’s a very sweet story about how we can show our friends we miss them during lockdown. If you have any younger brothers or sisters you might enjoy reading it to them as they watch the animation!


Miss Smyth

21st May


Hi P6/7,


I just wanted to say thanks to all the boys and girls who came to our zoom chat yesterday, it was just wonderful to see you all! I can’t wait until we chat next week! I’ll ask Mrs Hunter to send the details to your mum/dad early next week.


See you soon,

Miss Smyth πŸ˜€

21st May

AR Update

Hi P6/7, mums and dads,


During our zoom chat today some of you mentioned that you couldn’t get on to AR. I have reset everyone’s passwords, so hopefully they’ll work now. Remember that you have a new password - it is the one we sent home in your first learning pack. The website for accessing AR is also in that letter. You won’t be able to find it without the website we sent home. If you still can’t log on, please email me and I will send you the link for quizzing and your AR details.


Hope you all have a lovely weekend,


Stay safe,


Miss Smyth 

15th May

Zoom Chat TodayπŸΈπŸ”

Hey P6/7, 


Thank you so much to all the boys and girls who joined our chat today! It was WONDERFUL to see you all and to catch up with you! πŸ˜ŽπŸ’»

I loved hearing what you’ve been up to and I just can’t wait for our call next week. Mrs Hunter will send the details to your mum and dad next week. 

Enjoy the rest of your day!
See you soon,


Miss Smyth

15th May

Club Scikidz πŸ”¬πŸ§ͺ


Hi P6/7,


If you like science then, with permission, you should check out the website below! Every day on their blog Club SciKidz will post a different simple science experiment for kids and parents to do at home.

Before you try out any of the experiments, remember to ask for permission from your mum or dad.


Enjoy! πŸ˜€
Remember to take some photographs of your experiments and ask your parents to send them to Mrs Hunter for the school Facebook page! 

Have fun!

Miss Smyth 

14th May

free reading AI AppπŸ“±πŸ“šπŸ’»

Hi boys and girls, mums and dads,


Check out the website/app below! On it there are over 3500 free digital books for kids, which you can search through by level or by topic. It has some game-like features and you can even listen to the book being read out loud! πŸ“šπŸ’»

I’m not sure if you can quiz on these books, but if you find one you can quiz on let me know! 
As always, make sure you have permission before you use the internet or download the app.


Miss Smyth

14th May

Rivet AI Reading App

Zoom Meeting


To access the Zoom meeting with Miss Smyth you will need to go to the Zoom website.  You can access the meeting by clicking on the 'Join a Meeting' button at the top.  You don't need to be signed up to access this.  You will need the Meeting ID and Password that have been sent to your parents.  If you are using a mobile you will be able to see 4 screens at once and can swipe back and forward to see other screens, a tablet will allow you to see 9 screens and the PC/laptop will allow you to see a multitude.  Have a go I know Miss Smyth would love to see you all and it will give you a chance to see your friends as well and to find out what they have been doing at home.


Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Hunter

Protect the Planet Picture Competition 🌍

Hi P6/7,


I think this competition might interest some of you! In the competition below boys and girls are asked to draw, paint or make a picture that shows ways people can protect the planet. There is a prize for the winner and for their school! 

The closing date is June 1st. Find more details at the website below. As usual, make sure you have permission to use the internet.


Hope you’re all well,


Miss Smyth

13th May

Email: Literacy on Wednesday πŸ’»

Hi boys and girls,


I’m looking forward to reading your emails later today! If any primary 6 children forgot to send theirs last week, you can send them today instead. Remember to check with your mum or dad before using the internet. 

Hope you are all well, miss you!

Miss Smyth

13th May

Creative Challenge competition

Check out the Moypark Challenge! πŸ˜€

More information at the link below...

Miss Smyth

12th May

Brain Teaser 😎

Look at the image below. Find the highest possible total. The rules are:


1. Start anywhere and collect 5 numbers by following the paths.

2. You can’t ‘jump’ to another path.

3. You can only go over a path once.

I’ll post the answer later this evening!

Good luck!

Miss Smyth

6th May

Brain Teaser

Brain Teaser Answer...39

πŸ“š AR πŸ†

Hey boys and girls,


Remember that you can still quiz using the AR website I sent home. To help you find some levelled books, check out the website below.


myON is from the creators of Accelerated Reader and has thousands of online books for you to read and enjoy. There are a wide range of fiction and non fiction books which are suitable for all reading levels.


Click on the link below! I’ve also included a short video to show you how to find books in your level that you might like to read! πŸ˜€

Keep reading! Maybe we could organise a prize for the people in each class who complete and pass the most quizzes during lockdown!!! πŸ₯‡πŸ₯³


Hope you’re all well, miss you lots,


Miss Smyth 

5th May

How to use the myON website

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Use the video to help you find books in your level on the myON website!

Julia Donaldson...πŸ“š

This might be interesting to some of your younger brothers and sisters....

Scholastic are offering 10 of their Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler home learning packs free on their website!

Check it out at the link below!
Miss Smyth

5th May

The Wonder Gallery 🎨

Hi to all my artists in P6/7!

A new digital art space called The Wonder Gallery has been established. Each week you’re invited to submit an electronic copy of a new piece of art you’ve created. It can be on paper with crayon or paint, or digitally on a tablet or computer.


Each week there will be a new theme. More details on how you can send completed artwork can be found on the website below.


There are so many boys and girls in our class who love art, I’m sure you’ll all enjoy taking part and will hopefully have your artwork exhibited in The Wonder Gallery!

Miss Smyth 

5th May

IFA ⚽️

Hi P6/7,


If you’re allowed to use the internet, check out the link below for some football and other PE resources and ideas! 

Miss Smyth

4th May


Click on the link below to hear Eva Hart speak about her memories of the Titanic. She was 7 years old when the Titanic sank, she and her mother survived the terrible crash.

Miss Smyth

4th May

Brain teaser...

How many squares can you find in the image below? I’ll post the answer this evening!


Miss Smyth

4th May

Brain teaser answer:

There are 40 squares in the image!! Did you manage to find them all?! πŸ˜€

Some useful links

Hi P6/7, Mums and Dads,


Use the link below to find some learning resources you might find interesting and fun! There are links for resources on:


  • Coding
  • Art/being creative
  • Cooking
  • English
  • ICT
  • Maths
  • Geography
  • History
  • Music
  • PE
  • Science
  • RE
  • and others!


I’m sure you’ll find something fun to do! Remember, boys and girls, to ask permission before using the internet.


Miss Smyth

30th April



Do you want to be an author?!

If you have permission to use the internet, check out the website below for details about an exciting short story competition in Northern Ireland. Your story needs to have only 300 words  and the theme is ‘Home’. Check out the ‘Two Minute Tales’ Video for more information!


Miss Smyth

30th April

Your teachers miss you!

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We miss you!

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Calling all fashion designers!πŸ₯‡πŸ§΅

Hi P6/7,


If you’re interested in fashion, why not check out the competition below?! My friend, and fashion designer, Niamh O’Neill is looking for children to design a print for a dress. There’s a prize for the winner and the winner will be announced on May 1st! Click on the link below (as always, remember to ask permission to use the internet first).


UPDATE!!!!! The competition will remain open until the end of the day on Friday, May 1st and the winner will be announced on Saturday at 7pm. Get your entries in!


Hope you’re all well,


Miss Smyth

26th April

Virtual voyages and interactive learning!

Dear Parents/Guardians, boys and girls,

Below is an excellent resource if you would like to try something different for your home learning! Go on a virtual voyage; from safaris to cooking lessons by clicking on the link below! As always, boys and girls, make sure you have permission to use the internet before clicking on the link.


Hope you are all well!
Miss Smyth

(22nd April)

Homeschooling Support for parents

Dear Parents/Guardians,


I hope you are all well. I just wanted to share with you a link to the new BBC Bitesize Daily website. From Monday to Friday, you’ll be able to watch Bitesize Daily on BBC Red Button from 9am to 11am and again on BBC iPlayer. 

There are a number of 20 minute lessons which cover different age groups and are presented by experts, teachers and some very familiar faces from the world of TV and sport (such as David Attenborough, Professor Brian Cox, Sergio Aguero and Mabel).


There are dedicated programmes covering Numeracy, Science and Literacy, as well as lessons on other subjects such as History, Geography, Music and Art. 

For more information about how to use the Bitesize Daily website click on the link below. Alternatively, you can click on the link for access to the daily lessons.


I hope you find the website useful and I’m sure your children will find something to interest them!

Wishing you all good health,


Miss Smyth

21st April



Welcome Back!

Hi P6/7,


I hope you all enjoyed your Easter holidays and you didn’t eat too many eggs! 🐣


As you start back into your ‘Homeschool’ learning this week, remember that there are lots of other activities which count as learning...not just the written activities we sent home. Have a look at the list below and see if there’s anything you’d like to try! πŸ˜€


Hope you are all keeping well, 


Miss Christine and I miss you lots and we can’t wait to see you again soon,


Miss Smyth

(20th April)

Everyday Activities That Count As Learning...

Happy Easter

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To all the wonderful boys and girls at Bessbrook Primary School and Nursery Unit,
We’ve made a little video to wish you and your families a very happy Easter. We hope you enjoy it! 🀩🐣🐰


Hi P6/7,

How are you all? I hope you are keeping safe and well and enjoying the time at home with your family.


As we would have been going on our Easter holidays this week until April 20th, I hope you have some lovely plans for your time off home-school! πŸ˜€


Some things that you might like to like to do or check out are:


- Create an ‘insect hotel’ in the garden

- Plant some seeds in the garden or in a window box

- Ask an adult to check out the Playsport NI Facebook page. They have lots of PE activities and challenges you can complete

- If you have permission to use the internet, go online to (there are lots of different posts, competitions and activities for kids and you can even read the latest NI4kids magazine online)

- With your mum or dad’s permission and with your mum or dad’s help, go online to google and search for an animal, for example a shark. Click on ‘view in 3D’ and then click on ‘view in your space’. This will bring up an image of the animal in your house! Have a look at the picture below to see what arrived in my garden today!!!πŸ˜€

- Create a 2020 Home School Time Capsule. There is a template at the link below that your mum or dad can check out or you can create your own

- Ask your mum or dad to check out Sentinus on Facebook. Every week they will publish a STEM challenge which will use household items. There are even prizes for completed challenges!

- Play charades or Pictionary (just make up your own clues!)

- If you have an iPad use the book creator app to write your own book, remember to include pictures also

- Or use the garage band app to create your own song, you can even write the words yourself

- Ask your mum or dad to check out to find some science experiments you can try at home

- Do some mindfulness breathing exercises

- Ask your mum or dad to email some pictures to Mrs Hunter to post on the school’s Facebook page


I hope you all enjoy the Easter holidays and don’t eat too many eggs! πŸ˜€


Remember to ask permission from an adult at home before you use the internet.


See you all soon,

Miss Smyth 


Look what arrived in my garden!


Hi P6/7,


How are you all? Hope you’re well! I know some of you might be feeling a little worried or confused by all the changes that are happening right now. So I just wanted to remind you about all the techniques we learned during our Hopeful Minds sessions which I think might help if you’re feeling overwhelmed at the moment.


Have a look in your Hope Box or look back at the photos on our class page to remind yourself of the strategies and techniques we learned. I’ve been using the finger holds and stretchy string to help me breathe and to deal with some worries!


I hope you’re all getting on well, remember your mum or dad can email Mrs Hunter some photos or videos of the things you’ve been getting up to and she will post them on the school Facebook page! We’d love to know how you’re doing!!


We miss you and can’t wait to see you all soon!


Miss Smyth


We miss you!

Hi P6/7,

Just a quick message to say hello and well done to all of you who are practicing your math skills on IXL! I’ve been getting lots of email updates from IXL! Well done! 🀩


I also hope you are getting on okay with the learning packs we sent home. If you are finding some parts very tricky, try your best but don’t worry too much. In Numeracy, remember to use your problem solving skills...for example “Try a Simpler Case” or “Guess, Check and Improve” or (my favourite!) “Draw a Picture”! They might help you find a solution. Also, if you have some time you can always make some math games. For example some multiplication cards or some equivalent fraction cards. You could then play Fraction/Multiplication Snap or Go Fish with someone at home! πŸ˜€


Finally, if you have permission to use the internet you might like to check out this TITANIC BELFAST VIRTUAL TOUR! Click on the link below!


Hope you are all well, miss you and can’t wait to see you!

Miss Smyth 



Home Learning

Hi P6/7,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and that the Learning Packs we sent home are keeping you busy!

Just to let you know that if you use the website below, you’ll find an incredible collection of FREE stories that you can stream on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet (remember to first ask permission to use the internet at home). The books and audiobooks are free for as long as schools are closed!
Remember you can check if a book is ‘quizable’ by using the link I sent home and you can log on to AR to quiz using the link in the letter in your Learning Pack.


We all miss you and can’t wait to see you again soon! πŸ˜€

Miss Smyth


Over the last number of weeks we have been working on our STEM project. We are making boats and learning about why some objects float and others sink. Today (13th March) we learned about buoyancy and displacement and completed some experiments to develop our understanding of upthrust, density and why some items float. It was very interesting!

Hopeful Minds - a celebration

Today (12th March) we completed our Hopeful Minds Programme. In class with the Hopeful Minds leaders we celebrated what we learned throughout the programme. We discussed the parts of the programme we liked best, what we will remember from the programme and the hope tools we will use in the future.


In today's session we each received a Hopeful Minds Toolbox. The toolbox contained a number of items which we learned about and used over the programme, including:

  • Stretchy String: To remind us how to breathe and how to access different areas of the brain
  • Stress Ball: To use when we're feeling stressed or angry
  • Notebook: To record our dreams, goals and achievements
  • Declaration of Self Esteem: To remind us of how unique and special each of us are
  • Finger Holds: A tool used to help balance our emotions
  • Heart: A symbol of love

Additionally, each child was given a teddy and we ended our session with a party!


P6/7 thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Hopeful Minds programme and the children have learned many useful techniques for the future.

Titanic Court Case

Today (2nd March) in class we held an investigation into the Titanic tragedy! The children worked in teams to represent a client who was thought to have been partly responsible for the sinking of the Titanic. Each group prepared for the drama by writing three arguments which explained why their client was not responsible. Furthermore, each group also predicted the ways in which their client might be blamed by others and prepared some rebuttal arguments. 

Our panel of judges created a rubric to help them organise their notes so that they could make a final decision.

It was great fun! :) 

Titanic Court Case

Hopeful Minds - Session 6

Today (March 3rd) we had our 6th session of Hopeful Minds. Today we talked about the challenges we can face when we are trying to achieve our goals. We discussed how important it is to find ways around obstacles, so that we don't give up hope.

Together we thought about the obstacles we might face when we strive to achieve our goals and what pathways around these obstacles we can find.

We also learned about different 'Tools for Hope' and how we can connect to something in challenging times to help us remember that we are not alone and that we are a part of a community of people. Lastly, we identified our own tools of hope.

Hopeful Minds - Session 6

Hopeful Minds - session 5

Today (Thursday, 27th February) we were learning how to identify our passion and purpose. The children talked about the things they are passionate about and how they feel when they are doing them. Some of our passions are:

  • Being outside
  • Playing football
  • Learning
  • Music
  • Art
  • Doing flips
  • Minding our siblings

Afterwards we listened to a story about how to find a passion. We learned that once we find something that we love to do it helps us to feel good and it helps to develop hope. We learned that we can set goals in order to help us achieve our passions.

Goals give us hope - we have to set our targets and face the ups and downs by believing in ourselves and having hope.