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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Mrs Abbott (Nursery Teacher)
Picture 2 Mrs Hunter (Principal and P1/2 Teacher)
Picture 3 Mrs Laverty (P2/3 Teacher)
Picture 4 Miss Quinn (P4/5 Teacher)
Picture 5 Mrs Bingham (P6/7 Teacher)
Picture 6 Mrs Ardis (Nursery Assistant)
Picture 7 Lorna (Nursery Assistant)
Picture 8 Pamela (P1/2 Teaching Assistant)
Picture 9 Heather (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 10 Christine (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 11 Joyce (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 12 Natasha (Building Supervisor)
Picture 13 Mrs McIntyre (Secretary)
Picture 14 Joy (Crossing Patrol Lady & Lunchtime Supervisor)
Picture 15 Fionnuala (Cook)
Picture 16 Carmel (Assistant Cook)

Our Board of Governors

Mr D Kennedy (Chairperson)


Board Representatives

Mr D Taylor (Vice Chairperson)

Mrs D Morrow



Rev A Synnott

Mrs L Gilchrist


Parent Representatives

Mrs D McComb

Mr J Moffatt


Teacher Representative

Mrs J Abbott


Secretary to the Board of Governors

Mrs L Hunter (Principal)