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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Picture 1 Mrs Abbott (Nursery Teacher)
Picture 2 Mrs Hunter (Principal and P1 Teacher)
Picture 3 Miss McCrum (P1 Teacher)
Picture 4 Mrs Laverty (P2/3 Teacher)
Picture 5 Mrs Bingham (P4/5 Teacher)
Picture 6 Miss Smyth (P6/7 Teacher)
Picture 7 Mrs Ardis (Nursery Assistant)
Picture 8 Lorna (Nursery Assistant)
Picture 9 Pamela (P1/2 Teaching Assistant)
Picture 10 Heather (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 11 Christine (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 12 Joyce (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 13 Shannon (Teaching Assistant)
Picture 14 Natasha (Building Supervisor)
Picture 15 Mrs McIntyre (Secretary)
Picture 16 Joy (Crossing Patrol Lady & Lunchtime Supervisor)
Picture 17 Fionnuala (Cook)
Picture 18 Carmel (Assistant Cook)

Our Board of Governors

Mr D Kennedy (Chairperson)


Board Representatives

Mr D Taylor (Vice Chairperson)

Mrs D Morrow



Rev A Synnott

Mrs L Gilchrist


Parent Representatives

Mrs D McComb

Mr J Moffatt


Teacher Representative

Mrs J Abbott


Secretary to the Board of Governors

Mrs L Hunter (Principal)